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Indie Bookstore Love!

All book stores are lovely and wonderful things, and deserve our support. Mortar and stone independent book stores are becoming a rarity, and we’re losing so many LGBT book stores – iconic, longstanding stores that can no longer compete in today’s market.

Giovanni’s Room in Philadelphia has survived through a new incarnation. Read their story at the link, to get a very personalized understanding of why these local stores are so important to their communities. Indie booksellers are in it for the love, and the firm belief that the written word is powerful and sacred. They know their stock inside and out, and they strive to promote the work of authors, the well known and the secret treasures. They’re engaged with their communities, and most go out of their way to put a desired book into the hands of their customers, no matter how rare or hard to acquire.

Here are some of my favourite indie book stores, click the links to check them out. Visit your local independent book stores. Get to know them, and give them your business.