film: presque rien


Jérémie Elkaïm, Stéphane Rideau

Presque Rien, directed by Sébastien Lifshitz, is a luscious film – I watch it when in need of inspiration restoration. This film moves through many levels of insight and experience. It’s a French film, so it has that lovely French tendency to deliberately leave everything untied. Leaves lots of room for speculation. I have gone on and on about this movie to friends, and now they’re sick of hearing it, though they’re too sweet to say so.

The translation is Almost Nothing. I think the US translation is Come Undone. It’s a very quiet, introspective film about a young man who is trying to come to terms with several things all at once. His family dynamics don’t supply him with the ability to confront anything, whether internal or external. All of his most honest revelations surface from some form of interaction with water. It’s beautiful and it’s sexy and it’s existentialist angsty, and it’s sweet and sorrowful. And now it’s yours to explore, or comment on.

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