wrap your gums around me plums

I’m a drinker with a writing problem – Brendan Behan

Writers and their drinks. We’re all a bunch of raging alcoholics, it would seem. There are several articles available online that list authors with their drinks of choice: Dorothy Parker drank whiskey sours, Oscar Wilde enjoyed absinthe.

So closely associated is drinking with writing that there should be a ‘match the writer with their drink’ game – perhaps there already is, I wouldn’t doubt it. Many are very easily mated. Of course William S. Burroughs drank vodka and Coke – what else could it be? Dylan Thomas drank whiskey, William Faulkner loved mint juleps. But Ernest Hemingway and mojitos? I suppose that makes a certain amount of sense, though it’s not my immediate association. Apparently he also was fond of daiquiris. He hits me as more of a scotch and soda type.

When I think of a particular story of mine, I immediately recall the scent memory of cherry brandy. I can smell it as keenly as if I had a glass in my hand. Cherry brandy, summer nights, IAMX: the sustenance of my storytelling. Hey, we all have our muses.

Now I’m drinking jasmine tea, and let me tell you, it’s not doing a lot for the creative process. There’s a fine balance, of course. I walk the line to achieving a pleasant inner warmth between the extremes of green tea and too much wine – my usual tipple. But it’s hot out and wine is just not the thing in hot weather. Cherry brandy, though lovely, is taken, married to a previous tale. Perhaps plum brandy would be the thing. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

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