blue is the colour of the rainbow

The election results from last night have given me a renewed sense of hope, not only for our country but also for my little right-angles-right-living state of Colorado. Last night we turned a lovely shade of blue, and I am floating on a sea of tranquillity.

Our senate and house now have democratic majorities, and our presumed speaker is openly gay. This is huge for our state. For years we’ve been struggling with the possibility of civil unions, which has been turned down time and time again by an unfavourable government. Now with a more supportive majority, I believe we can go forward with confidence. In fact, I’d like to see Colorado skip over civil union in favour of marriage.

One day, we as a country will look back on this struggle and feel like we’ve come out of the dark ages. Marriage equality will not be a novelty, but a fact of life that the majority will shrug our shoulders, shake our heads at and say ‘but of course – how else could it possibly be?’ That time is drawing nearer, and I have great hope that Colorado will be the next state to step up and do what is right.

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