hello adele, we’ve never met before

With media being the way it is, it’s both very easy, and very difficult, to see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear. Certain people are constantly shoved into our faces, but happily, we don’t have to listen to a word they say.

I haven’t heard one pop song, not one. Well…okay, I’ve heard two from a certain group my friend loves, and she works hard to spread that love. Through her, I know every little thing about this group without having heard a word, or a note. And because I love her, I finally gave in and listened to a song she was sure would convince me, but it was just as I expected. Not to be defeated, a few months later she encouraged me to listen to a second song from this same group, with the same motivation, and it had the same outcome. Case closed. Some children are best seen and not heard.

My relationship with music is primal. I want to feel it, not just hear it. Consequently, I’m stubborn about my musical tastes; I know what I like, and it’s definitely not being sung by the ones who saturate the media.

But then there’s Adele. A true vocal talent, pretty much everyone agrees. And I loved the video of her being awarded an MBE at the Palace – cute as a bug as she walked across the room, giggling giddily after receiving the honour. So when Hello hit the airwaves today, I thought, why not? Why not give this a try, see how it feels.

If I hadn’t been laying on my back first thing in the morning, I would’ve been brought to my knees. I was chilled, I was slack-jawed. I lay there with tears flowing inelegantly into my ears when that chorus hit me. Whoa. This is what I love, this is what I want. Visceral.

I’m still stunned. Not all accolades are meaningless, there are some who deserve the recognition they receive. She takes it like a pro, too. After knocking everyone out with her talent, she disappeared for 5 years to live her life, not display it. And she came back with this. Damn, girl. Hello, this is how it’s done.

2 thoughts on “hello adele, we’ve never met before

  1. Hello! I don’t really get into the Adele obsession that grips the world whenever she comes on the scene but this IS a fucking great song.

    Heee and I got a sort-of mention in your posty! 😀 Love!


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